New Article: Why All Of The MLM Hate?

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My newest article is now available on Medium. Explore some of the reasons I feel like multi level marketing is coming under fire again. 

Are you part of a multi level marketing or network marketing business that you love? Tell me about it! I have contacts that are actively seeking this type of business, yet finding most of them are either oversaturated or selling snake oil.




Get Going Guide – Week of June 18th *POSTPONED*

This post is unedited and simply written to give me a safe place to feel let down about my day.

I had my GGG planned for this week.

Yesterday, I sat down and worked on my bullet journal to plan out the week. I sat down in the evening and churned out 1,000+ words on my novel, cleaned up an article in progress, and chatted with a mom about her at-home business. It was a fantastic Go Get It kind of day. I’d also killed my step goal (8+ miles!) and stayed on target for my veggie keto diet.

Today, around 3am, I heard, “I NEED A HUG!!!! I NEED A HUG!!! I NEED A HUG!!!” coming down the hallway. I was already in fuzzy PJs because apparantly Wales is skipping summer this year, so I went to find out why this particular 3 year old was in desperate NEED A HUG land. His little face looked relieved when he saw me and, after climbing into his bed, he held out his arms for that much needed hug. (Sidenote: He shares a room with his older brother – the same brother who has literally slept through hurricanes, he also sleeps through his little brother’s shouts).

He is still in a small toddler bed, so we snuggled into it together and I waited for him to fall back asleep. It took over an hour. When I’d drift off, he’d poke my nose. Thankfully, after two years of being a non-sleeper, he usually DOES sleep through the night and we don’t hear from him til about 5am when he yells, “OPEN THE GATE! OPEN THE GATE FOR ME!” (He has a gate blocking him from leaving his room – one night we forgot to shut the gate and he went downstairs in the wee hours and brought his *scooter* back upstairs).

I went back to my room. I live in the UK and during the summer it starts getting light around 4:30am. The seagulls and birds had already started to greet the day when I went back to bed. I was up again at 6am.

One kid refused to get out of bed and needed repeatedly woken up. My husband had to leave early so I still had to dress the younger ones, make lunches, and decide if I cared enough to do makeup today (I didn’t). Another kid lost papers he needs and had a twenty minute meltdown. I left the house with the three youngest kids while he was still in meltdown land. Drop off one child and then head to the preschool to make conversation while waiting to drop off another. One poor mom asked if I was alright, I told her I wasn’t and why. She said she is dreading the teen years. I assured her it’s not the teenagers themselves, it’s just knowing all of the challenges and heartaches they feel and that none of it matters just a few years down the line. She agreed. Too many people make out that high school will be the best and most important years of your life – it’s not true.

I went back home. I was determined that when the baby napped, I’d write. I had SO many ideas and leftover momentum from the night before. I couldn’t wait! She had been napping til 10:30 or even 11 on most days and I had precious quiet. You’ve probably guessed where this is going. She didn’t fall asleep. I tried again at 10:30, she was super tired but after walking about half a mile or so it was obvious she wasn’t going to sleep. She stayed awake til it was time to walk back to the preschool to get her brother.

Back home again, make lunch for littles and attempt to do some cleaning. I hadn’t even touched my laptop yet and had passed time by reading reddit and listening to an audio book when I was walking. The youngest is getting eye teeth in so she wants held a lot. The three year old is still feeling yawnsome so he also needed extra mom time.

It is quickly time to make dinner. And then time to get my other daughter from dance class. (16,000+ steps by now). My husband lets me know he is working overtime tonight – usually he’s home by 7:30pm so overtime doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. The day is usually done by 7pm here with the youngest two in bed.

Back home. Chores worked on.

It is now 7:30pm and I’m exhausted.

I know it is partly due to my hugs being required at 3am, but it is also a mental drain of being a solo parent – as well as a stay at home parent of two wonderful, yet needy, little children. I do enjoy being a mom but confess that I often prefer political conversations with an older child over being asked to a Peppa Pig episode with a younger one.

I also confess that I’m practically counting the days until my toddler can start preschool at 2 years old (February!) and I *finally* get a few mornings to myself.

It is tempting to just read a book or to watch Netflix. I had started working on this week’s GGG. This is more important because YOU are going to have these days. You’ll have days when you support everyone else in their endeavors and only the dregs of your energy can be focused on yours.

So get a glass of ice water or find another cup of joe. Tell yourself that you can’t have a zero day – you need to step forward in at least ONE area to make sure you keep going forward. Pick it. Go.

Here are my 950 words.

Get Going Guide: Week of June 11th

Here’s the GGG for the week. Each weekly GGG covers topics from health, professional, personal, and entertainment topics. The goal is to have tidbits that you can use along with links to more in-depth information when you have the desire to dig deeper.


Low vitamin D is hurting you and your family. Going outside is not enough, drinking milk won’t make up the difference, and it’s very likely your multivitamin is letting you down. Low vitamin D causes brain fog as well as weak bones, plus it is directly linked to serious diseases. I’m not a huge fan of playing personal pharmacist with supplements, but this is one you need. If you’re interested in learning more, I have an easy-to-use guide to why you need more vitamin D and how to get it here:


I love learning. My midwifery career involved being on call 24/7 and I still managed to squeeze in a full-time course load in sociology. That isn’t to brag, it’s simply because learning is my favorite hobby! I have tried a few MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) and it has been hit or miss. There’s also an adjustment to doing a course for the knowledge and not for a grade or credits. You can purchase certificates of completion or work towards a degree, but the consensus on Reddit is they’re rarely worth it.

Please note, the programming course isn’t free, but it’s so cheap for what you get that it’s worth it. He’s also an incredible teacher so if you want to learn to code you should start here. I’ve also taken courses in health, writing, and Buddhism.

(The following links are NOT affiliate/referral links. I make absolutely no money off of sharing these classes.)

Even if you know zilch about programming, this course will get you started. I have a solid base of HTML/CSS/JS thanks to this Udemy BootCamp course. The teaching style is fantastic and it’s very doable even for busy people!

Puttering about with FreeCodeCamp at the same time is a rewarding way to see your progress and add another layer of learning.

Taking both of those courses then inspired me to go back and learn more about computer science basics. This Harvard class challenged and taught me quite a bit! is another MOOC that is popular and has a huge variety of classes.

Quora has a great Q&A on MOOCs and compares the Pros and Cons. 

They require a decent amount of self-motivation and staying organized. It’s worth it.

When you find a course you love, let me know! I’m always open to suggestions.


Here’s a personal pick that combines in social, health, and money! Dietbet. I participated in DietBet before kiddos #7 & 8 and really enjoyed it. I’d actually forgotten it existed until I saw it mentioned on an Instagram account. This is exactly the kick in the butt I needed this month! Scrolling through the list, this is the one that caught my eye. I also followed her on Instagram.

So what is it? You place a bet (amounts vary)and pledge to lose 4% of your weight in 4 weeks. At that time the winners split the pot.  Join in and let me know when you do!  Don’t you owe it to yourself to try something different?

I’ll be updating my progress on Instagram so follow me there


If you regret the few minutes you spend reading this, I will send you a “snail mail” apology from the UK.  If you don’t regret it, send me a “thank you” email! 


I want to kick/crush/grab/gofor “it” – but the baby just snotted on my sleeve…

I’m a stay at home mom (sahm) who plans to make six figures.

Soon(ish). Like 5 years, I’m narrowing down my plan as we speak.

I’m currently making no figures. I’m currently working ON my figure. I’m also greatly outnumbered by this small (and some are not so small!) army that I made myself.

My husband is practically a saint – except he’s unable to recognize the fact I don’t function on 5-6 hours of sleep, though the irony is I’m not getting that much. It’s more like 4.5 hours and it’s broken up by nursing my adorable but-should-be-sleeping-through-the-night 12 month old. He also works 12 hour days.

I’d be unstoppable if I could:

1)Sleep like a normal person (not one of those folks that posts on Facebook about how they’re not sleeping– MAYBE it’s because YOU’RE STARING AT A PHONE SCREEN?!)

2)Go to the bathroom when I need to instead of only when I can sneak away from separation-anxiety-girl and always-destructive-boy?

3)Get an uninterrupted hour to myself daily.

None of those is likely to happen so we’re doing the workaround. In this blog, I will share what I’m doing to hit my goals while doing the sahm thing.  By the way, for everyone who gushes about how its the most rewarding job ever as they go off to the office daily where they can have lunches with coworkers or drink a *entire* cup of coffee without reheating it twice… all of those people are lying.

I’ve been a SAHM and I’ve been a working out of the home mom. I felt rewarded in BOTH situations, just in different ways. As a working mom I still did the parenting and enjoyed loads of sweet moments, but I also got to embrace myself as a person – use my brain, meet people (and not just soft play interactions) and felt like I was moving towards a goal. Of course, I was still a huge chunk of what I’m doing now but condensing it into evening or weekend work.

SAHM life is SAME life but you can forward progress yourself.

This blog isn’t just for stay at home moms, or dads, or grandmothers, it’s for anyone that knows it is time to reinvent themselves. I’ve done this twice over, the third time is a charm!

Join me and we’ll do it together.