Fasting For People Who Like To Eat

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Fasting For People Who Like To Eat — Five Popular Methods

I have yo-yo dieted for most of my life. I could successfully lose 15–20 pounds before progress slowed, motivation waned, and I regained. Eventually, I hit my highest weight ever and knew I had to break past that 20-pound barrier. I did it with intermittent fasting — aka fasting for people who like to eat!

Fasting automatically puts people on the defensive. Just like the oft-repeated (but wrong) health advice about eight 8oz glasses of water daily, people also tend to believe lots of small meals a day somehow revs up your metabolism. Research has proven that just cutting calories will slow your metabolism and make you more likely to regain. Headlines everywhere touted the Biggest Loser Study and put “calories in, calories out” into question. … read more


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