I want to kick/crush/grab/gofor “it” – but the baby just snotted on my sleeve…

I’m a stay at home mom (sahm) who plans to make six figures.

Soon(ish). Like 5 years, I’m narrowing down my plan as we speak.

I’m currently making no figures. I’m currently working ON my figure. I’m also greatly outnumbered by this small (and some are not so small!) army that I made myself.

My husband is practically a saint – except he’s unable to recognize the fact I don’t function on 5-6 hours of sleep, though the irony is I’m not getting that much. It’s more like 4.5 hours and it’s broken up by nursing my adorable but-should-be-sleeping-through-the-night 12 month old. He also works 12 hour days.

I’d be unstoppable if I could:

1)Sleep like a normal person (not one of those folks that posts on Facebook about how they’re not sleeping– MAYBE it’s because YOU’RE STARING AT A PHONE SCREEN?!)

2)Go to the bathroom when I need to instead of only when I can sneak away from separation-anxiety-girl and always-destructive-boy?

3)Get an uninterrupted hour to myself daily.

None of those is likely to happen so we’re doing the workaround. In this blog, I will share what I’m doing to hit my goals while doing the sahm thing.  By the way, for everyone who gushes about how its the most rewarding job ever as they go off to the office daily where they can have lunches with coworkers or drink a *entire* cup of coffee without reheating it twice… all of those people are lying.

I’ve been a SAHM and I’ve been a working out of the home mom. I felt rewarded in BOTH situations, just in different ways. As a working mom I still did the parenting and enjoyed loads of sweet moments, but I also got to embrace myself as a person – use my brain, meet people (and not just soft play interactions) and felt like I was moving towards a goal. Of course, I was still a huge chunk of what I’m doing now but condensing it into evening or weekend work.

SAHM life is SAME life but you can forward progress yourself.

This blog isn’t just for stay at home moms, or dads, or grandmothers, it’s for anyone that knows it is time to reinvent themselves. I’ve done this twice over, the third time is a charm!

Join me and we’ll do it together. 





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